Pediatric Speech, Language & Feeding Therapy

Our Philosophy

“Play is the highest form of research." -Albert Einstein 

This perfectly summarizes our philosophy of therapy.  Young children learn best through play and developmentally appropriate activities.  Therefore, we at Miss Melissa's Speech focus on play-based therapy with our younger clients.  For those who are ready, or those kiddos who are older, more direct therapy may be integrated into therapy sessions. No matter what form of therapy is appropriate for your child, we believe therapy that is focused around your child's interests, and includes family involvement brings the most positive results. Parents are happily invited into each therapy session.  Whether your child does best with you in the room or not, we take a few moments at the end of each session to talk about how therapy went that day and provide home activities to focus on throughout the week.  It is a pleasure being a part of your child's speech and language development and we take pride in the services we provide to each of the children we work with.


Preschool Therapy Area

Within our toddler/preschool therapy room, we have an area where preschool-aged children can work on therapy goals with more direct therapy methods.  It is also a great place for our kiddos who love art and board games.

Above: Toy & Play Area. Below: Dramatic Play Area

Above: Toy & Play Area. Below: Dramatic Play Area


Toddler/Preschool Therapy Room

Children have room to move and play in our toddler/preschool room.  We feature a dramatic play area where children can "work" on speech and language skills through play.  This helps with generalization of skills we target more directly during sessions as well.

School-Aged Therapy Room

For our older clients we target goals more directly in our school-aged therapy room.  The larger table and chairs make it more comfortable for these kiddos and is a great place for board games and other activities used for therapy.